Up and coming Pop artist SHAW is set to drop their most dynamic track yet with “Tired”. While the title sets you up for a sedate soundscape, SHAW subverts expectations and slams you right into a high-octane hit. The energy practically pulsates through the euphoric track which pulls in elements of Garage Rock, Jazz, Rap and Indie Electro Pop to create a viscerally electrifying hit which contains one of the most hypnotising synth solos I’ve ever heard. It’s like Mozart himself laid down the progressions. After all of the high-vibe sonic momentum, Tired fades out to the quaintly quiescent strumming of a ukulele in one of the most endearing outros we’ve heard. Tired is a rollercoaster, one that you’ll repeatedly want to ride. ” - Amelia Vandergast

A&R Factory

This wonderful masterpiece “Losing My Mind” from the professional band SHAW, is going to leave you stuck on repeat for a while. The song comes with a nice video that definitely will give you a better experience while you are listening. The band creates harmonizing textures with the drums, guitars, trumpets and a melodic precision on vocals, and this seems to be their signature. Their melodies and lyrics are so original and the production is smart and sounds very professional. This song was definitely a great experience for our team and we are very excited to see SHAW’s next projects. ”